Thursday, 11 July 2013

Shiver me timbers

Ahoy me maties :) I have had the most wonderful two days in a while, the weather here in Cape Town has been epic. We have lazed on the beach and eaten nom nom strawberries and just had a blast!

Also my little Kasey has ridden her bicycle with very little interference from me! I am hoping to get those trainers off in a week or two. Mind you if the weather stays good that is! :)

We saw some big yachts out in the water today which was amazeballs. I also tried training our dog to walk better on a leash, he is rescue so I am learning how he does things and vice versa.

Sitting comfortably now an watching jake and the never land pirates. Then off to shower and bed.

Tuesday I am taking H.M. To the audiologist. So we can see if her ears are alright. I cannot wait.

Anyhow off I go...

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Kiddies craft

Face a book

Waiting for delivery on my textbooks. Why does it always take so long? Watched masterchef Australia I am on season 5 episode 25. Man o man those macaroons were super difficult! I am glad that Lynton and Neha are not going to be in the elimination round.

Have also started with a series called under te done. I am in episode one so far it's pretty cool. 

On the home business sides have found a product that I would like to sell. So in other words become a agent for the product. It's from the USA, I have made contact with them and am hoping that they will let me sell it for them. 

Made a divine chocolate cake yesterday and it was gobbled up in a few minutes flat lol. The kids were all over it. 

So here is to another day. Namaste

Saturday, 6 July 2013


So I found the blogger app, now I can blog on the run or not. Lol.

Boooya.... Enjoying my Saturday night.


Friday, 5 July 2013

Young and free

Good morning...or well almost afternoon by now. Whatever you get it. Hi. :P

So I read a post today and I thought I would blog about it. The post went like this: "Having a child young is not the end of your is just the beginning"

I might see a lot of flack coming from what I am going to say, but this is my opinion. I had my first child young, to me way to young looking back. I am older now and wiser, and have realised the error in judgements I made. I am a good mom, no doubt about it, but if I could have it over, I would have waited. Why?

Firstly the man I was with was not the type of man I wanted to be married to...then why sleep with him? well why do we do a lot of things we do in the heat of the moment?? Lesson learnt....if you sleep with someone make sure you would want your child to be just like them, if NOT do it. He did stand up though and take his responsibility and is a great father to his son. Just not for me.

Secondly, I had not even finished studying, had not explored the world and didn't have any was I going to afford a child?? My mother had to take the financial end of this journey over and over again. Why? Because I couldn't. Lesson learnt...You need to have money to raise a child, clothes,doctors,food,education and the like come at a price a heavy one for the rest of their lives not just yours. Without education you cannot get the job you want, and without the job you want you float around in jobs you are unhappy with just to make sure you are bringing in an income, which brings with it tension, stress and unfulfilled dreams. Without exploring the world you feel you have missed out on a vital part of growing up. Yes you have a wonderful child, you still do feel you missed out though, especially when going to see friends and they reminisce about the days spent on the beach in Greece or the bar they worked in London or the terrible food they ate because they partied it all out, the white sandy beaches of the Bahamas, the hunky Italian men they met and got to kiss. It gets easier and you tell yourself one day, but it will be a different experience to when you were 20 and you wont be kissing any hunky Italian men ha ha.

Thirdly emotionally I was so not ready for the huge impact a child would have on my life, I mean when he cried he cried! All the dang time, I would get annoyed and impatient and angry. This took time for me to learn that its OK to get annoyed and angry but you have to get over it too and sort out your emotions before dealing with theirs. The father also had some growing to do in the emotionally department, all he wanted to do was party and go out and so on, while I was taking care of the baby, and I would get upset and my mother would say, this is why children should not have children, and why you should make sure about a person before just opening your legs, at which point I would cry...but lesson learnt, though a hard one. The emotional part is really the hardest of the bunch, you change so many times in the first few years of this child's life, your dreams change, your personality changes to a degree too.

Discipline is a thing I would like to talk about too, as so many young parents don't discipline their children as they are afraid people will tell them what they are doing wrong and that they should not be allowed to have kids as they do not know what they are doing. Discipline your child, and do it right. KEY is CONSISTENCY if you are consistent, they will love you and respect you and know every time the same thing will happen, and follow through on your punishment as darn hard as it is when a child is screaming its head off embarrassing you no end DO IT. They learn to play you, and you learn to just give in.

I eventually could no longer stay with the father of my son, we were just too different and I did not love him. I tried, but I could not. This started a shit storm of note in my life, as I was at a cross roads and did not know where to start. So I started at the bottom of a wine bottle and got pregnant with a random guy and ended up marrying him, which is the worst thing I had ever done in my life. He was a total loser and all round bad guy, who did not work and was willing to mooch off me. But he will tell you he is a wonderful father who loves his daughter. NOT. 11 months later I got out and took my children and started a new life.

Today, 5 years later, I have two wonderful children who are well adjusted, emotionally stable, happy moonbeams, because I have adjusted and learnt through all my bad decisions and crazy moments to just be me and that you do not need a man to be loved, you need to love yourself first and foremost, you cannot love someone else fully till you have accepted who you are and love yourself as you are. It took years to accept the fact that I not only destroyed part of my life, but a part of my sons and daughters lives, which hopefully they can forgive me for. I have forgiven myself and accept the good and the bad that will come when they want to start asking questions.
I cant change the past, but I can change the future, and had to make some huge adjustments to be where I am today, by that I mean the emotional side, financially not yet, hopefully one day, disciplinary side I have learnt well how to deal with bad behaviour, and my children do not steam roll over me. They know where they stand at all times. We had to go to counselling and we still do when we feel we cannot communicate, my son especially as he had the hardest part of my bad decisions, I had to regain his trust and love and show him that I do love him and that nothing was his fault, children always blame themselves for everything. His father and I have a wonderful ex relationship, and are open with communication, he has married a wonderful lady and we get on for the sake of our son. The father of my daughter is a different story, which is sad. He is just not a good role model, and we decided that for her interest that he will bow out of her life till he can get himself together enough. We feel that this is better than coming and going and causing her unnecessary pain. She does not know him and when he is ready he will come. Till then it is what it is and I will make sure she is loved.

We also welcomed a father figure, a wonderful man who I am to marry, and his lovely daughter. We are still going through growing pains, but from experience nothing worthwhile is easy. We learn everyday and try every day to do better.

Well this was a long post, I actually cleared so many cobwebs and thoughts with this post, and feel totally liberated by it.

I hope by posting this it will make at least one  young girl think before acting, and if they are going to sleep around that they will take proper precautions, having a child is a major responsibility that never ever goes away.

Children are a blessing not to be taken lightly.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Date and Coconut Balls
Recipe type:Dessert and Baking
Serves:Makes 24
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • ¾ packet of Marie biscuits, crushed
  • 125 gms butter
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup of pitted dates
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  1. Melt the butter and sugar at medium heat.
  2. Stir constantly so that the sugar doesnt burn.
  3. Move off the stove , cool slightly and add the beaten egg.
  4. Whisk quickly so that the egg doesnt cook .
  5. If the mixuture is too hot the egg will turn to scrambled egg consistency
  6. Add the chopped up dates and boil for 10 minutes, stirring all the time,
  7. until the dates cook down into the sugary mixture
  8. Add the vanilla
  9. Cool , then add the crushed biscutis.
  10. Roll into balls and coat with coconut.

Well here we are almost a year later and I have yet to blog. So blog I must today. haha.

Right so about a month ago now, I recieved the amazing news that I will be retrenched. The joy :/
Yesterday I signed the papers and I am officially a statistic. For seven years of loyal and amazing service I got a Le Creuset pie dish. Thank you so much I am sure now that I have no job and no money all I will be doing is baking pie. :P

I have been to interviews, I am just not wanted, I either have too much experience, have too little, too old, too young, too female or as the last guy told me I am not the right colour as it is a EE position. (which was not stated in the paper)

So now I have decided to start my own business. Yes folks this blonde is gonna do it on her own. Well I have an amazeballs fiance and a wonderful mother who support me. So I hear you ask what business will I be starting. Well this is where the pie dish will be coming into play(if I don't smash it into my old bosses car window of course) I will be starting a healthfood take away service, among a few other things I would like to try, some being party packs for kids, and wedding favours, and the like. I am a paleo follower, I just found when I was on the road it was hard to find meals that fit into the health catagory that was as fast as mcdonalds or kfc, that didnt cost the earth to buy. So my thinking is people must be in that position as well.

In other news, my fiance's little girl has moved in with us for 6 months. Lovely lass, just miles behind in emotional confidence which is unfortunately bad parenting. I will be trying to help her gain some major confidence and also to lose the lip, which she gets when someone tries to help her and show her the right way, her easy answer to things she struggles doing is, I cant do it. I have 2 children too, one older and one younger than her, so I try to treat her as I would my own, I use the positive parenting technique and there is not can't I have to taught them to say I will try. She has unfortunately been babied without them realising she is essentially going to grow up, and has to be able to function in the world as an adult, and she cant give lip and cry to get her way. She will have to make a stand and talk her way around it. I don't want to be softer on her than I am on my own children, as they will automatically think mommy is unfair. Yet I don't want to be too hard on her either as I don't want her to hate me. This saturday I will be attending a parenting class and am very much looking forward to any advice that I will be getting. I have also enrolled her into a confidence building class for little ones. Which I hope will help her deal with emotions and taking criticism and how to deal with anger, and feeling unsure etc.

Things will get better with God's grace.

Till next time

bonne nuit.